Nicolas Tanner is an award winning freelance documentary photographer and writer. In 2014 he completed a fellowship at Magnum Foundation where he began working on an ongoing project exploring masculinity in American culture.

Nicolas is currently based between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Somerville, MA. His work has led him all over the globe, most recently to shoot a project looking at water scarcity in Central Asia. He is currently focused on continuing his work on masculinity in America and designing a project whose aim is to photograph the industry of visual journalism, those creating its content, and the events unfolding before their cameras. In contrast to a consideration of what an image shows, the project seeks to understand the degree to which the "how" of making news photographs impacts our collective image of the world. 

Nicolas' work has been published and presented in all sorts of ways including on the print cover of the New York Times, as documentary evidence of ethnic violence for the UNHCR in Kyrgyzstan, on the screen at Month of Photography Los Angeles, and on the walls of galleries all over New England. Recently, his work was featured at the Power House gallery in Australia. Other outlets where his work has been featured include The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Foreign Policy Magazine, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera, El País, Photophilanthropy, Salon, Time’s Lightbox, and countless US dailies. He also works regularly with NGO’s including The Open Society Institute, United Nations, and The Danish Refugee Council.

He is available for assignment and happy to photograph nearly anything for any purpose. I also write-- mostly criticism of visual culture. Here is a link to some of that.

Nicolas Tanner Photography

Nicolas Tanner Photography
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